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Best E Cig for you could be V2 Cigs!


Price: $54.95

Flavors: 12
Warranty: Lifetime
Free Shipping: Yes! On orders over $50.00
5 Pack Refills: $9.95
Nicotine Levels: 0mg 6mg 12mg 24mg
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days


Best e cig
Best e cig for you could very well be V2 Cigs! It is another well-made tasty e-cig. My first experience with V2 Cigs was a smooth drag and a large fulfilling amount of vapor. The taste is distinct and with many options to customize their e cig compared to other higher priced competitors, V2 Cigs in my eyes is the best e cig and easily received my 5 star rating.

best e cig

The V2 Cigs battery is right up there with the top dogs when it comes to length between charges. V2 Cigs Battery also boasts one of the longest batteries on the market but at the same time it’s light and super long lasting. V2 Cigs has many options to customize your vaping experience from many different color batteries, LED lights and automatic or push button options. Form the beginner to the advance vapor; you will know why I think V2 Cigs is the best e cig.
best e cig
The many flavors of V2 Cigs are great. Some of my favorite flavors are Vanilla (Amazing) and Menthol. If you like the taste of traditional tobacco you will love the different blends they offer, from the V2 Red, Sahara and Congress which all boast a different classic tobacco blend. I think these are the most traditional tobacco flavors currently available on the market. V2 Cigs has a new cart feeder system that is clear and refillable. They are called V2 EX Blanks, and work for vape juice and wax. These carts are able to be refilled about 20 times before they need to be replaced. This is a very cost effective option for this cart coming in at a very affordable 15 bucks or so for 3 blanks carts. I did notice that the flavor of the e liquid or e juice tasted much better, cleaner and crisper with the V2 EX Blanks carts however these new carts do add a significant amount of length to the unit. Overall this innovative cart made my experience very enjoyable.
best e cig
The starter kit I purchased was their largest, the V2 Ultimate Starter Kit. I felt this would give me the best e cig advantage to truly test this brand out for my review. This kit has more than enough for the beginner. Everything you could ask for and tons of flavor options. The box itself is quite large and set up nicely with 3 custom batteries and five packs with five carts each, for a total of 25 carts. It also has all kinds of chargers including the all-important car charger for people on the go. Funny note, this kit also came with a neck lanyard for your e-cig if you’re the “forgetful” type, it reminded me of the lanyards they issue at the casino so you don’t forget your club card in the slot machine. Delivery was good and on time.

V2 Cigs has recently introduced free shipping which made me so extremely happy I posted it everywhere including the Vapor Judge Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Page @VaporJudge

best e gig
V2 Cigs has exemplary customer service in relation to some of their higher priced competitors. The return I had was painless, and their phone support is very helpful (and spoke English fluently). I did notice a sense of pride that the Customer Service Representatives have for their product, as well as their general knowledge of the product from the different flavors and what comes in each starter kit. Overall a great experience even if you just have a quick question to ask about your best e cig kit.
best e cig
Ok here’s the good stuff. If you have decided to make V2 Cigs your new or next starter kit you will not have to pay retail. So for my faithful readers you will get a 10% Discount on starter kits, by using the code (vaporjudge10), really it’s that easy, I promise. You can either click the link and add the coupon code at check out or you can call in your order and give the Customer Service Representative the code (vaporjudge10) and they will apply it to your order, it’s really that easy. Remember you can use this code with all of their sales and special offers as well. Please enjoy the best e cig experience money can buy!
best e cig


Thanks for reviewing the V2 Cigs Best E Cig Case File!

best e cig

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One Comment/Review

  • Annette says:

    You take the bad in with the good:

    Panic stricken when SafeCig shut down, we decided to try V2 out of the ones recommended by VaporJudge. I liked them the best because they had thought of almost everything for making the transition from SafeCig to V2. Starter kits, selection of cartridges and even a lanyard for those like me that constantly misplace the batteries. Down to the adapters, or so we thought…

    When the package arrived, I ordered their Valentine’s Day special for 20% off the couples package, which had 20 cartridges, four total batteries, your choice in size which is nice. The best deal was to choose the long for the most puffs per charge. And it also came with its own USB and connectable wall charger.

    An added bonus was they gave a $9.99 discount if you added the portable charging case.

    I also added their recommended V2 Type 1 adapters for the SafeCig since we had stocked up on many batteries before SafeCig had disappeared.

    When the package arrived (paid extra for USPS Priority Mail shipping 4-7 days from Miami ordered on a Saturday and arrived in 3 days), much to my disappointment, my order was incorrect.

    They got the Couples Package right, just some wrong components. Interestingly enough, the invoice says it was checked by two people. They sent me a long manual white battery when I ordered a stainless steel one.

    They sent the Type 1 adapters, which do NOT fit the SafeCig Micro batteries. It does fit the SafeCig Original battery size, but need the Type 2 adapters to make them compatible with the cartridges. On the website, it’s a bit deceitful. They initially had it as the Type 2 listed compatible with the SafeCig battery, then when I ordered, it said the Type 1 was compatible. I now have both type adapters in my possession and many SafeCig Micro batteries that are worthless and not compatible with either adapter.

    Another issue was the V2 Portable Charging case. With the deal that popped up when I ordered, it didn’t tell me it was only compatible with the Standard or Short size V2 battery. I ordered 4 Long batteries. In short, they don’t fit comfortably into the Charging case. The color of the case was wrong when they shipped it to me. *sigh*

    Luckily, I had 30 minutes before V2’s Customer Service closed. Poor Eddie that answered my call cordially handled all of my issues. He already knew the answer to my first concern, addressing the wrong white colored battery instead of the stainless steel in my order. He placed me on hold, checked on availability I’m sure and returned promptly advising me that they didn’t have the Stainless Steel in stock at the time and that they have it in now and will send that out to me. Super! I just have to send back the white one.

    Next issue, the charging case and it not fitting the long batteries. It was my fault for not thoroughly investigating it before hitting the Checkout button on this one. But he placed me on hold again, checked on something and graciously offered to ship the XL one and for me to just pay the $10 difference between the two charging cases. He also addressed that it was the wrong color and offered another solution. In the meantime he mentioned that the standard case will still charge the Long battery.

    Last one Eddie, hang in there! The Type 1 adapter is not compatible with my SafeCig Micro battery. He insisted it did and said that his other customers said it worked. I’m pretty sure he didn’t have either the battery nor the adapter physically with him like I did at that moment. I’ll let that one slide Eddie, because I did. I explained it didn’t and I followed the recommendation posted on the website and my husband and I tried the adapters. It just doesn’t fit. He said he’d relay the message to his supervisor to ensure the information is updated.

    I apologized that I had so many concerns for him to address, and solely on one call. He replied that it’s their job to make sure I was satisfied and asked me again to ensure I didn’t have any other underlying questions. Nope, take it easy Eddie, have a good night! ^^ It turned out to be a pleasant experience speaking with their customer service, as opposed to their chat service where they give you curt answers and seems scripted and insincere.

    Finally being able to test out the long manual battery with an actual cartridge. I like the control you have of pushing the button to inhale as much of the vapor in one breath from the cartridge.

    The vanilla flavor cartridge is sweet and subtle. The Coffee is a rich taste like coffee with cream and sugar. The Chocolate is by far my favorite tasting similar to Riesen candy. Sahara is in close second, probably because I used to smoke Camels and the taste is rich and full-flavored like the Camel (which is true of what they compared on their website).

    The Automatic battery works just like it’s supposed to. It allows me that immediate response of vapor in my drag. It’s convenient for my lazy moments that I don’t want to press a button for a long drag, but also allows me to take a long enough drag that it’s still satisfying.

    Overall, the first impression of V2 has been accommodating. Customer service by phone was helpful, product is good and is backed by a 30-day return policy and lifetime guarantee. The choices of flavors are good and the amount of accessories and customization to your starter kits are a nice touch. If their free shipping was a little faster than calendar days to the southwest region and customer service was actually available for longer on Saturday and Sundays, they will definitely be the the company I return my business to, although I still plan on venturing out because of VaporJudge’s high recommendation of South Beach Smoke. Until then…

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