How To Charge Vuse Without Charger? (Easy Hacks)

Vuse Alto is a compact and lightweight rechargeable vape pen with a 350mAh battery. It has a 1.8mL tank that contains vape juice of 1.8%, 2.4%, and 5% nicotine strengths.

When we compare Vuse Alto with JUUL, they look quite similar in design. Just like any other electronic device, Vuse also faces charging issues.

If you have misplaced your Vuse charger or if your charger has just died, then you can still charge your Vuse without a charger.

Although it can be dangerous to charge a vape pen with a non-compatible charger (a common reason for explosion), you can charge your Vuse vape with an iPhone or Android charger.

This guide will show you how to charge a Vuse vape without a charger. But, you must be very careful and follow some safety guidelines before doing this.

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Can You Charge Vuse Vape Without a Charger?

Yes! You can charge your Vuse vape without a charger. But, it’s not very easy, and it’s not recommended too. If you can wait, please avoid these tricks because a small mistake can lead to an explosion.

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How To Charge Vuse Vape Without Charger?

Vuse vape pod uses 1A DC power supply to charge the 350mAh battery. If you have the cable of your older Vuse charger, then you can simply cut the wire.

Now, find the positive and negative wires and use an iPhone or Android smartphone adapter for the DC power supply.

You can still charge your vape pod if you don’t have your older Vuse charger. You need some extra things and setup to charge it.

What is Needed?

  • Old USB cable.
  • Scissor
  • Safety pin or needle. (optional)
  • Apple 5W Adapter

Safety Tips

  • Do not charge your vape if the battery is swollen.
  • Do not charge if your vape is wet.
  • Properly identify Positive and Negative wires.
  • Make sure that both wires do not touch each other.
  • Do not use fast chargers.

How To Charge Vuse Vape With iPhone Charger?

Charge Vuse Vape

You can charge your Vuse vape with an iPhone charger. iPhone 5W charger works perfectly with Vuse and JUUL vapes.

Ensure you’re not using Apple 21W adapter or any other higher wattage Android adapter.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step #1- Cut the Wire

USB Cable Wires

If you don’t have your Vuse charging cable, take any older USB cable and cut it in the middle with the help of scissors.

You’ll see multiple wires inside the cable. The Red one is positive, and the Black one is negative.

Step #2- Unclog Holes with Safety Pin

Vape Charging Pin Cleaning

Now, with the help of safety pins or needles, simply unclog the charging holes and clean any debris on the charging connectors.

Although, this is optional. You can directly insert the wires into charging pins. But we’re taking a precautionary step to clean the charging pins.

Step #3- Identify Positive and Negative Terminals

Vuse vape charging pins

Now, you need to identify your vape’s positive and negative terminals. You’ll see three holes and two magnates on the bottom of your vape.

Magnets tightly hold the charging connectors to stay attached. The middle pin is the positive terminal, and the left pin is negative.

Step #4- Connect Wires

Vuse Vape Charging with wires

Insert the Red wire pin into the middle hole (positive terminal) and Black wire into the left hole (negative terminal), and insert the power adapter into a wall outlet.

Once you properly insert both wires, the charging light will glow. If it doesn’t glow, swap the wire.

Step #5- Stay Attached

If your Vuse vape charging light will glow, keep it attached for 5 minutes. Now, remove the wires and let your vape cool. After 1 minute, insert the wire in the same holes and charge for 5 minutes.

Note– Do not continuously charge your Vape with an iPhone charger otherwise, it heats up your battery, and your vape may explode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my Vuse vape with an Android charger?

Yes! You can use any Android charger to charge your Vuse vape, but ensure you’re not using a fast charging adapter.

What is the max wattage to charge a Vuse vape?

You should not charge your Vuse vape with more than 10 watts. The lower power wattage is safe for battery health.

What is the max voltage to charge a Vuse vape?

The max voltage to charge a Vuse vape is 4.2 volts. Anything more than that may damage your battery.

Is it safe to use an iPhone charger to charge my Vuse vape?

Yes, it is safe to use an iPhone charger to charge your Vuse vape. But, make sure that you are not using an iPad charger or any other adapter with higher wattage.

Can I charge my Vuse vape with a laptop?

Yes! You can use your laptop’s USB port to charge your Vuse vape but ensure that the output is 1A.


I know this method is not easy, but still, you can charge your Vuse vape in an emergency without the charger. You can also use an Android power adapter to charge your vape, but make sure that the power wattage is not more than 10W.

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