How To Clean Your Vape Atomizer?

Keeping your vape atomizer clean is not only hygienically beneficial but also helps increase the vape’s flavor, smoke, and overall lifespan.

With continuous usage, dirt particles, gunk, and other useless material can gather on the air vents resulting in blockage of airflow.

If your atomizer is blocked, then it won’t be able to heat up properly, causing high-battery usage.

Not only vape, but you must keep other electronic gadgets clean to increase their efficiency.

There are many vape cleaning kits available out there that you can buy to take care of your vape without any assistance.

This post tells you everything about vape cleaning, especially how to clean your vape atomizer.

Since an atomizer is a vape’s main element, it is necessary to take care of it.

Every vape has a different type of atomizer, so one needs to know how to manage and clean it.

As we already said above, atomizers play an important role in the working of vape devices.

When its coil is heated-up, it creates vapor from the liquid stored in the tank. Although it is operated on a battery, adjusting an atomizer does the smoke and flavor.

If you have not cleaned your atomizer even after regularly using the vape for quite a long time, you might have noticed the difference in smoke density and flavor.

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5 Easy Methods To Clean Your Vape Atomizer?

Vape Cleaning

There are various methods available to clean vape atomizers, and you can follow literally any of them to get the job done.

Below we have mentioned some of the best working methods to do it:

1. Blow In The Airhole

Cleaning Vape Atomizer

Before doing anything to any part of the vape, blow air from your mouth in the airholes of the vape.

This will clean all possible dirt from the vape and is far the quickest way to clean your vape atomizer.

You can do this anytime you want, as it doesn’t require any tools. Although airholes stay clear, it is always better to do a thing from your side to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Make sure you blow from both ends and in every airhole to clean every part. Also, note that you must not use a hairdryer or any type of blower to do this.

2. The Q Tip Method

Vape Atomizer Cleaning

Isopropyl alcohol can do wonders when it comes to cleaning; the same goes for vape atomizers.

You can use the isopropyl alcohol with q-tips to clean the atomizer without hurting the coil.

Simply take a few spoons of isopropyl alcohol in a bowl, use a high-quality q-tip and dip it in the alcohol solution for a few seconds.

Take it out and rub gently all over the atomizer to remove the dirt and stuck wax.

This method will only work when your atomizer doesn’t have any hardened wax stuck to it. If so, then you need to follow the next method.

3. Soak The Atomizer

Clean Your Vape Atomizer

The q-tip method works very well when you clean your atomizer after every session or so.

If your atomizer seems to be blocked with wax, then you need to take the COILLESS BUCKET out from the vape and soak it for about 30 minutes in the isopropyl alcohol solution.

DO NOT soak the atomizer itself in the solution at first because the cover bucket will do the needful.

If you are soaking the Atomizer in the alcohol solution, then make sure you have completely dried it up before placing it again in the vape. Use the q-tips to clean the saturated wax easily.

4. Follow A 30-Second Post Session Burn Off

Vape Coil

Burn Off, or Dry Burn, is a method that is used to clean the remaining liquid or wax on the coil.

This is far the best and easiest way to keep your coils clean. When you are done vaping with your device, press the Fire Button again and keep the coil burning for about 30-40 seconds.

The heat generated from the coil will burn any excess wax remaining in the passage.

Doing this a few times until you see the coil glowing perfectly orange or red will help you in keeping your coil clean.

This will prevent the wax from getting hardened on the coil.

5. Use Vape Cleaning Products

Vape Cleaning Kit

If you are okay with spending some dollars on a vape cleaner, then consider getting an ultrasonic vape cleaner or jewelry cleaner.

These devices work like a charm and will clean almost every part of your vape, including the coil.

Disassemble the vape device, put every part in the cleaning container, and let it run automatically.

Once the cleaning is done, you will be surprised to see the detail and depth of the cleaning done by these devices.

It is definitely a good vape cleaning solution for those vape users who feel lazy when it comes to cleaning their devices.

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Why Should You Clean Your Vape Atomizer?

Well, not only the coils but the entire vaping device requires cleaning every few weeks.

If you don’t want to spend money on replacing coils and other parts of the vape, then you better keep it clean.

Some of the most advanced vaping devices now come with a cleaning indicator that tells a user about the required cleaning of the coil.

If your vape doesn’t have this feature, then you need to figure it out yourself when it actually needs cleaning.

Below we have mentioned some of the best reasons why you need to clean your vape atomizer:

  • Increase the life duration of the tank and coil.
  • Provides more flavor and smoke.
  • Boost the efficiency of the device.
  • Good practice from a hygiene perspective too.
  • Decreases the consumption of e-liquid.

How To Know When Your Atomizer Needs Cleaning?

We recommend cleaning your coils every three weeks if you are a heavy and regular vape user.

Although it depends on the type of vape, you are using and the total liquid consumed.

Or you can simply pay attention to the smoke coming out and the overall flavor.

If you start noticing a difference in them, then it means it is time to clean the atomizer.

You can also read the user manual that came with the product to understand the cleaning process in a better way.

Most manuals have directions and guidelines on how to clean the device and its components.

The duration of time might be mentioned in it too, along with the total number of days and puffs needed before cleaning.

Final Words

This is all about how to clean vape atomizers, and we hope now you know about it.

Keeping your vaping devices clean is key to increasing their performance, flavor, and lifespan without needing any professional help.

You don’t have to replace any part of your device if you keep it clean enough, and that’s just another reason to do it.

Some professional vape cleaning services are available, and you can opt for them, too, if you don’t know how to open your vape devices.

The simplest method to do that on your own is to follow guides on YouTube. If you need additional help then feel free to connect with us with your questions without any worries.

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