Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod【Unbiased Review】

If you’re experienced in vaping, you probably need a powerful vape mod for extreme performance.

Dovpo Odin DNA250C is a popular box mod among vaping community. It comes with many customizable features and costs around $160 to $170 at all popular vape stores.

But is it actually worth it?

We’ll look at all the features in this Dovpo Odin DNA250C box mod review. Also, we’ll look at some cheap alternatives to this vape mod.

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod

Dovpo Odin DNA250C

  • Powerful DNA250C chipset by Evolv.
  • Delivers 250W power.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Durable and ergonomic design.
  • Multiple safety features.

Dovpo Odin box mod is powered by a DNA250C chipset developed by Evolv. It’s a powerful chipset that delivers up to 250-watt power to the atomizer, creating powerful vape clouds.

This chipset is equipped with USB OTG, reverse polarity protection, temperature protection, and re-programmable multicolor LEDs.

Dovpo Odin DNA250 box mod can be re-programmed with the help of EScribe software. You can fully customize the device and LED colors according to your need.

It’s a powerful box mod that provides the ultimate vaping experience. It comes with two high-drain 21700 battery that delivers ultimate power and boosts the vaping experience to the next level.

Design and Build Quality

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod

The Dovpo Odin DNA250C design is attractive. It’s made from high-quality aluminum alloy that makes it sturdy and lightweight.

Even after two powerful 21700 vape batteries, the Odin DNA250C feels quite handy and light in the hands.

The form factor is very ergonomic, and you can use it for a longer time without feeling tired.

Overall, I’m totally satisfied with its build quality and form factor design. Although it’s not as light as vape pens, still I found it one of the best vape mods online.


Dovpo Odin DNA250C box mod is loaded with tons of features. It’s tough to cover everything, but here are some features listed:

  • It’s powered by a DNA250C chipset by Evolv.
  • It delivers 250W power to your atomizer, but this chipset can deliver up to 400W if customized to its full capacity.
  • It has a 160×80 pixel color TFT screen that displays power output, charging percentage, temperature, etc.
  • It has pre-heat and boosts functionality.
  • It has reverse polarity protection.
  • It has an overheat and short circuit protection feature.
  • It’s fully customizable with ESCribe software.
  • It’s durable and lightweight because the high-grade aluminum alloy is used in construction.
  • The ergonomic form factor makes it easy to hold for a longer duration.

These are some features of the Dovpo Odin DNA250C vape mod. Overall, it’s a perfect box mod for expert vape lovers.


  • The price is approx $170.
  • It’s always sold out because of its popularity.


Pricing is another factor that you should consider while buying a device. Dovpo Odin DNA250C costs around $160 to $170, but sometimes the price drops below $150 during the sale.

After looking at the build quality and features, I won’t hesitate to say that- the price of Odin DNA250C is worth every penny.

If you have a budget of $200, then you should definitely consider this box mod. It lasts longer and provides an insane vaping experience.

Final Verdict

Dovpo Odin DNA250C Box Mod is one of the best vape mods on the market. It’s powered by a powerful DNA250C chipset that delivers 250W power.

The design and build quality of this box mod is also great and provides many features. It’s made up of lightweight aluminum alloy with a great form factor.

If you have the budget, you should definitely go for this Odin box mod. You’ll enjoy the real vaping experience with this device.

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