How to Get Rid of Vape Smell? (7 Easy Methods)

Although, vaping creates less odor than traditional cigarettes because it only contains Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) as primary constituents.

However, vaping still creates an odor that might linger for a while regardless of the juice that you use.

In some cases, you might not be able to smell it because you’re the vaper, and you’re probably used to the smell, but others around you will be able to.

There are many easy ways to get rid of the vape smell. Try these methods if you want to know some easy methods to get rid of vape odors in your room.

How To Get Rid Of Vape Smell?

Vaping smell

Here are some methods that might help you get rid of the vape smell:

1. Don’t use strong flavor

Vape Juice Flavors

Cinnamon and Patchouli are too strong in flavor. If you’re buying vape juice, then avoid these two flavors.

When you vape these flavors, they’ll leave a strong scent in your room regardless of how much air fresheners you use.

This is the easiest way to eliminate the vape smell in your room. However, there’s scarifies with flavor, and you don’t want that, right?

Try other solutions to get rid of the vapor smell. But, don’t vape too much else you can’t hide that you’re vaping.

2. Open your window

Open Window

If you’re vaping in a closed room, it’ll smell for longer because all the clothes inside your room absorb the vapors.

So, always keep your windows open when vaping. If possible, vape outside your room.

Open up windows and doors and let fresh air circulate (you can use a table fan to circulate the air). This will help to dissipate the lingering vape smell.

3. Wash your hands

Washing Hands

So, you’re cleaning all your room but forgot to wash your hand after vaping – will the smell go out?

The answer is pretty simple – NO. So, you should thoroughly wash your hand after vaping.

4. Brush your teeth

Brushing teeth

If someone is gonna meet today and you vaped a lot. But you don’t want to let that person know you were vaping.

Just after vaping, immediately go to the washroom and brush your teeth. Gargling your mouth with water multiple times will eliminate the smell.

You can also keep chewing gum in your mouth to get rid of the vape smell from your mouth.

5. Vacuum your carpet

Vacuum Carpet

The carpet on your floor also absorbed the cloud flavors when vaping. So, if you want to get rid of the vape smell of your home, you should vacuum your carpet.

Vacuuming your carpet will remove the vape smell from your room. And don’t forget to wash your cloth.

6. Use an air purifier

Air Purifier in room

If you have finished vacuuming and cleaning your room, it’s time to use an air purifier.

Many portable air purifiers are available online that purify the room air and eliminate bad odors.

7. Clean your wall

Washing Room Wall

If you follow the above solutions, all vape smell from your room will go out. However, if you still getting the smell of vape clouds, clean your wall and floor with a vinegar-water solution.


If your parent is gonna visit your room and you don’t want them to know that you’re vaping, follow the above-mentioned solutions to eliminate the vape smell from your room.

Additionally, you can burn scented candles in your room. It’ll mask the smell of vaping, and nobody will catch that you’re vaping.

Hemok was an active tobacco smoker two years back. I used to smoke 12-15 packs of cigarettes every day before shifting to E-Cigarettes. I'll share my vaping journey with readers.

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