How To Charge A Vape Battery?

Over the past few years, vaping has become very popular worldwide. While these electronic devices are an alternative to cigarettes, they must be managed properly.

Both e-cigarettes and vape mods are powered by batteries that produce heat to turn the e-liquid into vapor.

To make them work properly, they need to be fully charged.

While there are many components in a vaping device, batteries are termed the most important because they are the backbone of the entire device.

Without the batteries, your vape mod will not power on and doesn’t work at all.

So, knowing everything about the batteries is necessary if you are using or considering buying a vape.

Regarding rechargeable batteries, one must remember that the power level defines the performance.

If the batteries are charged very often, their lifespan and performance will decrease.

Also, you must not let your vape’s batteries discharge below 20% and try to maintain the battery level between 20-90%.

This is a good practice to increase battery life and performance.

Although it depends on the types of batteries and the usage of vapes too, you can still follow this method.

In this post, you can learn how to charge a vape battery and follow the best practices to ensure the batteries give their best performance.

Can You Charge A Vape Pen Battery?

Vape Pen Charger

Yes, you can charge a vape pen battery. There are several options to charge a vape pen without its original charger-

  • You can use a Vape pen charger.
  • Using a portable power bank is also a good option.
  • Else you can plug your vape into your laptop. (It is possible but not recommendable)
  • Consider replacing the old batteries.
  • The external battery charger also works well.

Method #1: Charge Vape Pen Battery

Vape USB Charger

Check if your vape pen has a removable battery or not.

You can check this through the manual or any instruction booklet that you get with your pen.

Either battery is attached to the part of the pen that heats the liquid. On the other hand, removable batteries remain inside the vape pen case.

Mostly the batteries used in vape pens are “510-Thread” batteries.

This is because these batteries have a common design. This makes them easily compatible with various cartridges.

In this step, you must attach your vape pen with its charger. Make use of the USB cable included in it.

First of all, plug in the AC adaptor in the socket. Hold the larger end of the USB cable and plug it into the adaptor.

You have to connect the smaller end of the cable to the pen.

It depends on the model you have, and you probably need to unscrew the pen’s battery from the cartridge to start charging.

Make sure to use the cable and charger that comes together with the vape pen.

The voltage varies according to the unit; sometimes, excessive energy results in heating or exploding the pen.

Don’t try to charge your pen using a mobile laptop or other electronic devices, as it damages your vape pen.

Method #2: Charging Removable Batteries

Vape Charger

If your vape pen has removable batteries, you need to open the case of your pen.

Now you can take out the removable batteries. Check if there is any battery cover on the side or the bottom part of your pen.

After finding it, pull, press or tap on it to open it.

Put your batteries in an external charger and plug the charger cord on the wall.

Once the side indicator light appears, now arrange your pen’s battery in the cords for charging.

Adjust the batteries according to the position of the poles indicated.

If you are having any issues doing this, try turning them around. Maybe you are doing it in the wrong way.

Don’t forget to use a suitable charger for that specific battery. Mixing different models or brands may cause trouble or ruin your battery.

Charge the batteries for around 3 hours. Mostly removable batteries charged fully In 3 hours. But it varies according to different brands and the capacity of models.

Choose a place that is neither too cold nor too hot. Put your charger at optimal temperature.

Check it once or twice while charging. You will see the required details on the screen. So remove it when it is fully charged.

If it does not appear on the screen, then there is a possibility there is a light that turns green or shuts down when the charging is completed.

Don’t overcharge your batteries.

Now put the batteries again in the vape pen. Open the casing cover by sliding and put the battery in its place correctly.

Make sure not to reverse the position. The pen won’t work if you reverse the position of the batteries, so check on it.

How Many Hours Should One Charge a Vape Battery?

You should wait for around 1 to 4 hours. The exact time varies accordingly. Once it is fully charged, the indicator turns into green light.

In some models, the light indicates charging shutdowns automatically after it is fully charged.

Can You Charge a Disposable Vape Battery?

A disposable battery means you must dispose of it once its juice is exhausted. It loses battery power.

As disposable vape pens are cheap, you can buy a new one. But still, some people ask this question about how to charge disposable batteries.

You can charge it, but it needs some basic knowledge. Also, a little practice to properly determine the terminals of positive and negative sides.

To charge the disposable batteries, you need some supplies:

  1. A flat-head screwdriver
  2. Tweezers

How To Charge Disposable Vape Batteries

Follow these steps to charge your disposable vape batteries:

  • Remove the pod system from your disposable vape.
  • Take a q-tip or screwdriver and push outside.
  • Pull off the circuit board and battery.
  • Take any USB A cable and cut in between.
  • Use any 5W smartphone adapter and plug in the cable.
  • Connect the Red wire with the positive terminal and the Black with the negative.
  • Keep the wire connected for 3 to 5 minutes, and then reassemble everything.
  • That’s it, your vape battery has been recharged.

When Should You Charge a Vape Battery?

You should check the charging level from time to time. If you don’t know what is the correct time to charge time.

Then take out the batteries. Could you take it to some external charger? Just to look at the battery percentage.

After checking, you can put them back again. Else let them charge for some time.

If the percentage doesn’t appear on the screen. Then check out the indicator.

If you want your battery to work for a long time, then put it in a dry and dark place.

Charge it once it reaches 40%. This will help to keep your battery working for a longer period.

Can You Charge a Vape Battery with a Phone Charger?

Yes, it can be charged with a phone charger. But it is not recommended to charge it with the phone charger as they are not designed to handle such a power rating.

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You can charge your vape pen battery with various methods. If you have a removable Li-ion battery, you can use an external charger to recharge it.

If your vape mod has a micro-USB port, you can use a vape battery charger or phone charger (if the power rating matches) to charge it.

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