Laisimo L1 200W Review: Worthy Or Not? 【Unbiased】

Are you an experienced vaper and looking for a feature-rich box mod? There are many 200W vape mods available on various online stores.

Laisimo L1 200W is one such box mod that comes with exciting features. But does it actually worth going with?

We tested this box mod for three months to find out the actual features and shortcomings.

If you’re planning to buy, read this Laisimo L1 200W unbiased review. You’ll find all the details and features here.

Laisimo L1 200W Box Mod

Laisimo L1 200W Box Mod

Laisimo is a well-known brand that manufactures various vaping products. After looking at brand popularity and price, I decided to buy Laisimo L1 box mod and test it myself.

Laisimo L1 200 is a great effort to bring a high wattage box mod under a low budget. However, it’s not a great choice for vapers considering its battery safety.

I was always concerned about the battery safety of this box mod. Because the battery is directly fitted into a metal box without any insulative cover.

Laisimo L1 200W Box Mod Review- Where It Wins & Lacks?

Laisimo L1 Build

Undoubtedly, Laisimo L1 comes with the great build quality and attractive features under a low budget. But, is that enough to buy?

Let’s find out where it wins and lacks!

1. Design and Build Quality

Laisimo Vape Unboxing

Laisimo L1 is a real example of cutting-edge design at a low price. You’ll love the design and its build quality.

The box mod is made from high-quality aluminum alloy with an excellent finish. The boxy design will surely attract the attention of your friends.

It has a 2.4-inch OLED display that provides all notifications and important information about the vape.

Overall, the design and aesthetic of L1 200 are great. Anyone will love to hold in hand.

2. Features

Laisimo L1 Features

The vape has dual 18650 batteries that deliver 200W power output to your vape coil. It comes with variable wattage and temperature control features.

You can adjust the power wattage from 5W to 200W to enjoy the enhanced flavors of your vape juice.

The coil works with 0.05-ohm resistance for a great sub-ohm vaping experience.

Also, it supports Bluetooth 4.0 to connect your smartphone and customize everything via App.

The manufacturer hasn’t compromised in providing all popular vape mod features.

3. User Interface

Laisimo L1 User Interface

I personally didn’t like the user interface of this app. Despite of OLED display, there is very limited customization inside the app.

I’m hoping that they’ll improve the UI in upcoming software upgrades. If you go with this mod, you have to compromise with it.

4. Performance

Men Vaping Cloud

The power of dual 18650 batteries and sub-ohm vape coil is not that easy to handle for the chipset installed in this vape box mod.

There is no information about what chipset is used in Laisimo L1 200W, but the DNA250C chipset would give an ultimate performance with these features.

Overall, the performance of this vape is not that great. You can not expect the outcome of 200W power wattage and 0.05-ohm coil.

5. Price

I bought Laisimo L1 200W for $15 on the Blazed Vape online store during Father’s Day sale, and I think it’s the cheapest deal.

But, availability is always a concern. It would be the best deal if you could find this vape for under $20.

You can get it cheaper during Black Friday deals on vape mods. Overall, it’s value for money.

What Did I Like?

  • Premium build quality.
  • Powerful dual 18650 battery support.
  • 5W to 200W power output.
  • Excellent aesthetic and ergonomic design.
  • Cheapest 200W box mod under $20.

What Didn’t I Liked?

  • Battery safety is a concern.
  • If vape juice leaks, it will directly go on batteries.
  • Batteries are not included in the box.
  • Availability is an issue.

Should You Buy Laisimo L1 200 Box Mod?

I am still concerned about the battery safety of the Laisimo L1 200. Laisimo has already released an upgrade of this box mod.

So better take a wise decision and buy some other 200W box mods with more safety and better chipsets.

Final Verdict

Laisimo L1 200 has great features and excellent build quality. But, when it comes to safety and customization, this is where it lacks.

The brand has released Laisimo L2 and L3 box mods, where they’ve done many design changes. So, it’s better to look for something latest.

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