How To Stop Disposable Vape From Auto Firing? (6 Solutions)

This is alarming if you’ve noticed that your vape is auto-firing. E-cigarettes are made to take command from users before auto firing.

Otherwise, an auto-firing vape can increase the batteries’ temperature, which leads to a chemical explosion.

Last week, I faced an auto-firing issue with my disposable vape pen. I tried a few solutions on the internet, and finally, the issue has been fixed.

Read this guide if you don’t know how to stop disposable vapes from auto-firing. We’ll understand everything about the auto-firing of vaping devices.

What is Auto Firing?

Stop Disposable Vape from Auto Firing

If you know the functioning of an e-cigarette, you know that there is a button placed on the pen that completes the electric circuit.

The electric circuit completes and fires the vape coil (atomizer) whenever we press the power button.

But, due to some faults in the vaping device, sometimes it auto fires without the user’s knowledge.

Auto firing is dangerous because it can explode the battery inside your vaping device.

Auto-firing is the biggest issue in disposable vape pens. Because many disposable vapes don’t have a physical button, and whenever we drag from the mouthpiece, a sensor ignites the coil, and vapor generates.

Due to sensor faults, disposable vapes auto fires in the pocket, which could be risky.

Why is my Disposable Vape Auto Firing?

Stop Vape Auto Firing

If you’re experiencing auto-firing with your disposable vape pen, a few things could be causing the issue.

The most common reason for auto-firing is a loose battery connection. If the battery isn’t connected tightly enough, it can cause the electrical current to fluctuate and trigger the auto-fire mechanism.

Another possible reason for auto-firing is a damaged or defective cartridge.

If the cartridge is damaged, it can short circuit the electrical current and cause the auto-fire mechanism to activate.

Finally, if the vape pen itself is defective, it can also cause the auto-fire mechanism to activate.

How To Stop Disposable Vape From Auto Firing?

It’s always advisable to buy well-known disposable vape brands. I always prefer USA-made vaping devices in my collection because the auto-firing issue is mostly detected in Chinese brands.

However, you still can stop your disposable vape from auto-firing if you follow these solutions-

1. Avoid Large Drags

If you take larger drags and your vape has an automatic firing mechanism, then it can cause the issue. Because of the large drag, the sensor couldn’t detect the activity and auto fires.

It’s better to take small-small puffs with your disposable vape pens to prevent it from auto-firing.

2. Replace Battery

A defective battery is the most common reason why a disposable vape auto fires. We generally order the vape battery online, but some sellers ships defective battery due to which vape pen faces auto firing issue.

If your vape mod is facing auto firing issue after battery replacement, then contact the brand and replace your battery.

3. Check Power Switch

If your vape has a physical button to fire the coil and you’re facing auto firing issue, then you need to verify the functioning of your power switch first.

Disassemble your vape pen and visually inspect your power switch. If you notice any sign of damage, immediately replace it.

4. Fix Loose Connections

Sometimes we accidentally drop the vape on the floor, due to which connections get loose. A loose wire connection frequently triggers the atomizer, and your vape pen auto fires.

Dismantle your vape pen, inspect the wiring of your vape (specifically the connection of the battery), and tighten if any loose connection is found.

5. Clean Your Coil

A dirty vape coil can also auto-fire the vaping device. A vape coil generally lasts for two weeks. Turn your vape pen mouthpiece in an anti-clockwise direction and clean your vape coil.

You can read a detailed guide on vape coil cleaning. Clean it thoroughly and check if the auto-firing issue has been resolved or not.

6. Fix Incorrect Voltage

A common issue noticed in disposable vapes is the incorrect voltage supply to the coil. If your vape battery is not providing the correct voltage to the coil, you might face an auto-firing issue.

You can reset the voltage supply by following these steps-

  • Press and hold the power button for five seconds to restart your disposable vape.
  • Now, turn on your vape and press the power button five times.
  • Open the settings menu and go to voltage settings.
  • Now, set the output voltage to 4V to stop auto-firing.


Now you know- how to fix the disposable vape auto-firing issue. In most cases, a loose connection and a defective battery is the prime cause of auto-firing. Follow the above solution to fix the issue.

Hemok was an active tobacco smoker two years back. I used to smoke 12-15 packs of cigarettes every day before shifting to E-Cigarettes. I'll share my vaping journey with readers.

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