Why Does My Vape Mouthpiece Get Hot?

If you’ve ever experienced an overheated vape mouthpiece, you know it’s not pleasant when enjoying your favorite flavor.

Not only is it uncomfortable, but overheating can also be dangerous and burn your lips and throat. It generally happens due to improper maintenance and incorrect settings.

This article will discuss the five most common reasons why your vape mouthpiece gets hot and how to fix them.

Why is My Vape Mouthpiece Get Hot?

Vape Mouthpiece Get Hot

When you vape, the battery supplies power to your vape coil. The coil heats up and vaporizes the e-juice from the vape tank.

Usually, the temperature of the vape coil reaches up to 300°C or even more. It also increases vaporized cloud’s temperature at a similar ratio.

An insulation and airflow facility is provided around the mouthpiece to prevent heat flow.

The insulation stops your mouthpiece from getting too hot, and airflow cools down the vape clouds and coil temperature.

Why Does My Vape Overheating?

Dry Hits Vaping

Minor heating is justified but overheating indicates some faults with your device. We’ll discuss some common reasons why your vape mouthpiece is overheating.

The most common reason is that the airflow is blocked. This can happen if the cartridge is not screwed on properly or if something is caught in the air vent. Another common reason is your vape wattage settings being too high.

Some other overheating reasons are listed below-

1. Restricted Airflow

Vape Airflow

When the airflow is restricted, insufficient air will pass through the device to keep it cool. This often happens when something is caught in the air vent.

If you’re experiencing this problem, ensure that your cartridge is screwed on correctly and that nothing is blocking the airflow vents. You may also need to increase the airflow by opening the air vents wider.

2. Coil Gunk

Vape Coil Gunk

If your coils are gunked up, they won’t be able to soak e-juice properly. This will overheat your vape coil and can also burn the wicking material.

You should regularly clean your vape coil and tank to prevent coil gunking. I’ll also enhance your vape flavor and increases the coil’s life.

3. High Wattage Setting

Vape Mod in Hand

If you’re using a high-wattage setting, your vape coil will heat up more quickly. This can lead to a dry hit (when the coil doesn’t have enough e-juice) and overheating.

If you’re experiencing this problem, try turning down your wattage setting. You may need to experiment to find the sweet spot for your e-juice and coils.

4. Hot Environment

If you’re vaping in a hot environment, your device will heat up more quickly. This is especially true if you’re using a high-wattage setting.

To prevent this problem, keep your device in a cool environment. You may also want to turn down the wattage setting to prevent the coil from overheating.

5. Faulty Battery

If your battery is faulty, it may pass inaccurate power and overheat your device. This can be dangerous and should be replaced as soon as possible.

If you suspect your battery is faulty, take it to a vape shop or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

How to Prevent Your Vape Mouthpiece From Getting Hot?

You can do several things to prevent your vape mouthpiece from getting too hot.

1. Clean Your Vape Coil

Vape Coil Cleaning

Regular cleaning will enhance your vape flavor and prevent coil gunking. Coil gunking can overheat your device and lead to a dry hit.

To clean your vape coil, remove it from your device and soak it in vodka for 4 hours. Rinse it off with water and allow it to dry completely before reusing it.

You should also regularly clean your vape tank. This will remove any buildup of e-juice and prevent the coil from overheating.

2. Use Mouthpiece Cover

Vape Mouthpiece Cover

A mouthpiece cover is a small piece of silicone that fits over the tip of your cartridge.

It’s designed to protect your lips from the heat of the vapor and can also help to keep the cartridge clean.

If your vape mouthpiece is getting too hot, a silicone cover will be helpful to prevent your lips from burning.

3. Vape At Lower Wattage

Vape Wattage

A higher wattage setting will produce more vapor and increase the coil temperature. If your device is getting too hot, try turning down the wattage setting.

Vaping at 80W to 100W delivers enough vapor with great flavor. However, it also depends on your vape juice. So, you’ve to test out and find the right wattage for your vape juice.

4. Use Mouthpiece Extension

Vape Mouthpiece Extensions

A mouthpiece extension is similar to mouthpiece covers but adds extra distance between your lips and the mouthpiece.

Extra distance allows vapor clouds to cool down, and you won’t feel uncomfortable while vaping.

Also, it’s easy to clean as you can remove the extension and clean it with water.

5. Vape At Cooler Environment

Vaping ambiance also affects your vaping experience. If you vape in schoring summer heat, then your vape mod will also heat up.

You can try to vape in air-conditioned rooms or near an open window. Doing this makes you feel comfortable while vaping, and your mouthpiece won’t overheat quickly.


There are several reasons why your vape mouthpiece gets too hot. The most common cause is a dry hit, but it can also be caused by high wattage, a hot environment, or faulty batteries.

You can prevent your vape mouthpiece from getting too hot by regularly cleaning your coil and tank, using a mouthpiece cover or extension, and vaping at lower wattages. Thanks for reading!

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