Is There Any Vape Site That Don’t Ask ID? – Yes! But…

The craze for e-cigarettes has grown rapidly among teenagers. According to a CNN report, approx 2.22 million middle and high school students in the USA currently use e-cigarettes.

Although buying a vape requires Adult Signature at the delivery time, how many underage students buy vaping products?

Is there any vape site that doesn’t ask for ID? Or is there any vape delivery company that doesn’t require an adult signature?

I’ll answer everything in detail. Just don’t skip this article!

Is There Any Vape Site That Doesn’t Need ID?

Teenage Girl Vaping

When I asked this question in vaping community, I found many online vape stores don’t ask for ID verification at the time of order placement.

They send the parcel through local courier companies that don’t require an adult signature at the delivery time.

Afinix is the most popular online vape store that don ask for ID or age verification. However, other popular online stores like eBay, Aliexpress, Ufogs, Eonpod, Fasttech, etc., don’t require ID verification on vape products.

What Are The Cheapest Online Vape Stores?

The internet is full of scams and fraud. So, you should always verify the authenticity of any online store before placing an order.

Here are some of the best and cheap online vape stores that deliver across the USA and Canada.

What Is The Legal Age For Vaping In The USA?

US Congress passed Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act 2020 recognizes all sorts of e-cigarettes and vaping items as tobacco. It requires age verification when a parcel is shipped with UPS and USPS.

In many countries, the legal age to buy vaping items is 21 years; however, some US states have also legalized e-cigarettes for 18 years. You must check the legal age for vaping according to state and country.

StateAre E-Cigarettes Considered Tobacco Products?Legal Age For Vaping
AlabamaNoMust be 21 years old
AlaskaNoMust be 19 years old unless used for medical purposes
ArizonaNoMust be 18 years old
ArkansasNoMust be 18 years old
CaliforniaYesMust be 21+ or 18 years old in the active military
ColoradoYesMust be 18 years old
ConnecticutNoMust be 18 years old
DelawareYesMust be 18 years old
District of ColumbiaYesMust be 21 years old
FloridaNoMust be 21 years old
GeorgiaNoMust be 18 years old
HawaiiYesMust be 21 years old
IdahoNoMust be 18 years old
IllinoisNoMust be 21 years old
IndianaYesMust be 18 years old
IowaNoMust be 18 years old
KansasNoMust be 18 years old
KentuckyNoMust be 18 years old
LouisianaNoMust be 21 years old, unless you are 18 and with a parent or use in a private residence
MaineYesMust be 21 years old unless you are already 18 as of July 1, 2018
MarylandNoIllegal for “minors.”
MassachusettsYesMust be 21 years old or have turned 18 before December 31, 2018
MichiganNoMust be 21 years old
MinnesotaYesMust be 18 years old
MississippiNoMust be 18 years old
MissouriNoMust be 18 years old
MontanaNoMust be 18 years old
NebraskaNoMust be 18 years old
NevadaNoMust be 21 years old
New HampshireNoMust be 18 years old
New JerseyYesMust be 21 years old
New MexicoYesMust be 21 years old
New YorkNoMust be 18 years old
North CarolinaYesMust be 18 years old
North DakotaNoMust be 18 years old
OhioNoMust be 18 years old
OklahomaNoMust be 21 years old
OregonNoMust be 21 years old
PennsylvaniaYesMust be 21 years old or 18 if in the military or an honorably discharged veteran.
Rhode IslandYesMust be 21 years old
South CarolinaNoMust be 18 years old
South DakotaYesMust be 21 years old
TennesseeNoMust be 21 years old
TexasNoMust be 18 years old, including redeeming a coupon for the product, unless with a parent, guardian, or spouse
UtahYesYou must be 19 years old to buy from a store or distributor and 18 years old to buy or have e-cigarettes. The exception is active military members over age 18 or anyone accompanied by a parent.
VermontNoMust be 21 years old
VirginiaNoMust be 21 years old or an active duty military member age 18 or older
WashingtonNoMust be 21 years old
West VirginiaYesMust be 18 years old
WisconsinNoMust be 18 years old
WyomingYes (considered a “nicotine product”) Must be 21 years old

Note– Any legislative amendment can change these laws. So, you should always check the current vaping law of your state from the state government websites.


If you’re not underage and looking for an online vaping site that doesn’t require ID verification, then Afinix is the option. However, I always recommend buying only from trustworthy stores that ship original products.

Warning: If you’re an underage kid, then don’t buy vaping products online or offline. It will help if you read the Tobacco 21 (T21) legislation for punishment and charges.

Hemok was an active tobacco smoker two years back. I used to smoke 12-15 packs of cigarettes every day before shifting to E-Cigarettes. I'll share my vaping journey with readers.

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