How To Do Vape Tricks For Beginners? – Easy Methods

Are you a beginner at vaping but fascinated by the cool tricks that expert vapers do? You can also do those cool vape tricks with proper guidance and practice.

Vaping is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. It contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Additionally, you can add nicotine salt and flavoring agents.

Your decision to choose to vape instead of tobacco cigarettes is fantabulous. Because there are many choices, you can do some cool vaping tricks with high-wattage vape mods.

How To Do Vape Tricks For Beginners?

Vape Tricks

You can do some cool vape tricks with proper guidelines. You should start with some easy vape tricks. As much as you practice, you’ll become an expert in doing vape tricks.

Here I’ll explain some step-by-step processes for how to do vape tricks for beginners.

I list some easy and cool vape tricks for beginners and intermediate vapers.

10 Easy and Cool Vape Tricks For Beginners

Following are some easy vape tricks that you can try:

  • The Ghost Inhale
  • The Waterfall
  • The Tornado
  • The Dragon
  • Vapor Bubble
  • Blowing O’s
  • The Bane Trick
  • Bull Ring
  • Jellyfish
  • Tripple Exhale

1. The Ghost Inhale

The Ghost Inhale is the easiest vape trick that a beginner vaper can do to impress their friends.

The Ghost is also known as “Mushroom Cloud” and “Snap Inhale.” In this vape trick, we exhale the vapor and quickly suck it back into the mouth.

In this vape trick, you must focus on three things- Inhale > Release> and Catch.

When inhaling vapors, do not take them to your lungs. Rather keep it in your mouth and do not put pressure when releasing it. Catch the vapors before it goes too far.

Video Tutorial: The Ghost Vape

2. The Waterfall

The Waterfall is another popular vaping trick that a beginner can perform with little practice.

This vaping trick is also known as French inhale. In this trick, vapers exhale the vape from the mouth and take it back through the nose.

The illusion gives a feel like a waterfall, so many people call it The Waterfall vape trick.

To perform this vape trick, inhale a lot of vape into your mouth. Now, slowly open your mouth so the vape can come out slowly. Do not blow it rapidly or exhale with force.

Bend your lower lip in the upward direction and slowly push upward so that the vape travels to your nose.

When vapor touches your nose, inhale it with your nose. Then, breathe it from your nose and slowly push out vapors from your tongue.

Video Tutorial: The Waterfall

3. The Tornado

The Tornado is yet another vape trick that beginners can perform and achieve after practicing a couple of times.

You need a table or flat desk in front of your face to do the Tornado vape trick. You can use any flat surface, such as a laptop box or similar item.

Doing this vape trick is easy when you care for a few things. You should have a good vape mod for tricks (not very high wattage). Also, ensure that you have a good vape juice that delivers thick vapors.

Inhale a high amount of vapors in your mouth and hold it. Go in front of a flat table and align your mouth on the surface.

Now, slowly exhale the vapors from your mouth. Keep it so slow that it sticks to the surface.

Slowly head back your face so that it won’t disturb the vapors on the table or surface.

Now, make a tornado by slowly moving your hand forward and quickly pushing upward (like you’re going for a handshake). End result will feel like a tornado of vapors.

Video Tutorial: The Tornado

4. The Dragon

The Dragon spread is one of the easiest vape tricks that any beginner can perform with no experience.

In this vape trick, we spread and exhale whole vapors into four streams (two from your nose and two from your mouth).

Take a long vape into your mouth and hold for some time. Now, forcefully exhale all the vapors dividing into four streams via your nose and both sides of the lips.

Video Tutorial: The Dragon

5. Vapor Bubble

Vapor Bubble, also called Vape Bubble, is another popular vape tick that grabs people’s attention.

It’s not easy for beginners, but you can achieve quite good results with little practice.

To perform the vape bubble trick, you need some additional things. You need a small bottle and dishwasher soap to create soap bubbles.

Additionally, you need a long straw to release the vapor into the soap bubble formed by dishwasher soap.

Create a large or medium size soap bubble with dishwasher soap. Now take a medium puff of vapors into your mouth and slowly transfer it into the bubble with the help of a straw.

Video Tutorial: Vape Bubble

6. Blowing O’s

Blowing O’s ring is yet another eye-catching vape trick that can be performed without any additional accessories or setup.

Although it’s not beginner’s friendly, but if you have little experience in vaping, then you can do this trick by practicing a few times.

Achieving the perfect Blowing O’s ring takes a lot of practice. If you have seen this vape trick on Romania’s Got Talent and want to do the same, then you need to practice it hard.

Drag a lot of vapors direct to your lungs. Now, create a circular structure opening with the help of your lips.

Pull back your tongue and intermittently exhale the vapors to form an O ring. The result will depend on the shape of your mouth.

Video Tutorial: Blowing O’s

7. The Bane

The Bane is a similar vape trick to French Inhale. If you’ve tried the french inhale or the waterfall vape trick, it would be easy to perform “The Bane”.

In this vape trick, you exhale the vapor from the mouth and take it back via the nose.

Sound like French Inhale or The Waterfall?

But, the position of your mouth differentiates between French Inhale and The Bane.

Inhale a lot of vapors in your mouth (do not take it to your lungs). Now, give an upward shape with your lower lip so that vapors reach your nose.

Close your teeth, slowly push the vapors outside the mouth, and inhale with your nose. It’ll give an illusion of Bane.

Video Tutorial: The Bane

8. The Bull Ring

The Bull Ring is a cool but advanced vaping trick that requires multiple practices to achieve.

In order to do the bull ring vaping trick, you should first be an expert in blowing O’s ring.

In this trick, we exhale the vapor in the form of an “O” ring and then quickly inhale it back into the mouth, giving an illusion of a bull ring.

Video: Bull Ring Vape Trick

9. Jellyfish

Jellyfish is another cool vape trick performed on various TV shows. If you’ve practiced all of the above-mentioned vape tricks, try Jellyfish this time.

The jellyfish vape trick combines Blowing O’s and The Ghost.

In this trick, we blow the O ring and push it forward. Then follow the O and Ghost in the center of the O ring.

Video Tutorial: Jellyfish

10. The Triple Exhale

Triple exhale is another beginner-level vape trick for new vapers. The illusion is quite similar to The Dragon Vape Trick.

The only difference is that we do not exhale from our noses but rather exhale the vapors from our mouths.

Inhale a huge amount of vapors in your mouth and hold it. Now, separate the whole vapors into three streams and forcefully exhale from your mouth.

Video Tutorial: Triple Exhale


Vaping is a good alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. You can perform various cool vape tricks with little practice.

I’ve explained the ten easy to intermediate vaping tricks for beginners. You can start with an easy one and master every trick by practicing it.

Hemok was an active tobacco smoker two years back. I used to smoke 12-15 packs of cigarettes every day before shifting to E-Cigarettes. I'll share my vaping journey with readers.

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