Why is My JUUL Not Hitting?- 5 Easy Fixes!

JUUL is a cig-alike device that has taken the vaping world by storm. It’s incredibly easy to use, small and discreet, and delivers a powerful hit. However, some vapers reported that their JUUL isn’t hitting.

There can be a few reasons for this. The most common reason is that the JUUL battery isn’t charged enough to fire the vape coil. Also, if your pod leaks, it creates a moisture layer on the battery contacts, and your JUUL may not hit when you inhale.

Why My Juul is Not Hitting?

You may face problems with your JUUL when the battery is not charged, the pod is leaking, and the contact points are dirty. Also, if your JUUL is more than a year old, the battery health may be degraded, and that’s why it’s not powering the atomizer.

How To Fix a JUUL isn’t Hitting?

You can do a few things to fix a JUUL that isn’t hitting. Here is what you can do to fix the hitting problems with the JUUL e-cigarette-

1- Fully Charge Your Battery

JUUL comes with a 200mAh rechargeable battery that gives a whole day’s battery life for a normal user.

However, the battery life may be less if you’re a heavy smoker. If your JUUL isn’t hitting, you should check the battery level and charge it if the LED light is glowing yellow or red.

2- Check for Leaks

If your JUUL pod leaks, it will create a moisture layer on the battery contacts. This will prevent the electrical current from reaching the atomizer, and your JUUL will not hit.

Remove the pod and clean the battery contacts with a dry cloth or q-tip cotton swab to fix this.

3- Clean the Contact Points

If the contact points are dirty, it will also prevent the electrical current from reaching the atomizer.

Use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the contact points. Gently wipe the contact points and allow them to dry completely before reassembling your JUUL.

4- Replace Your Pod

If your pod doesn’t have sufficient e-liquid, it will also result in a weak hit. Also, if your pod is defective, then you might face issues. Check the pod and replace the pod if it has no e-liquid left or airflow blocked.

5- Reset Your Juul

If your Juul is not hitting or not producing enough vapor, there might be some issues with the logic board. You need to reset your Juul to fix the issue.

To reset your Juul, remove the pod from it and plugin on the charger for 30 seconds. Your Juul will be reset, and the hitting problem will be solved.

How To Clean a Juul?

If your pod leaks, the e-liquid may reach your battery cabinet and the circuit board. Here is how you can clean your Juul-

1- Remove Pod

Remove Juul Pod

First of all, take off the pod system from your Juul device. Simply pull the head, and the pod will come out from your JUUL.

2- Remove the Battery

Remove Juul Battery

Once you take off the pod, you’ll see two metal contacts inside the body. Simply put a q-tip inside the case and push gently. Your Juul battery and circuit board will come out from the case.

Ensure that you don’t apply too much force; otherwise, metal contacts will be damaged, and your Juul will be just peace of trash.

3- Uncover the gasket

Juul Cleaning

A gasket covers your metal contact and the circuit board to keep it safe from moisture. Gently uncover the gasket and clean the moisture and dust around the metal contacts with tissue paper, cotton, or dry cloth.

4- Clean the Circuit Board

Juul Chip Cleaning

Dip one end of the q-tip in rubbing alcohol and gently clean the dust and moisture around the circuit board. After cleaning all the dust, wipe the alcohol with dry cotton or another q-tip.

5- Cover metal contacts with the gasket

Juul Assembling

Now, cover the metal contacts and circuit board with the same gasket and put everything back into the Juul case. Ensure that the LED light is facing the front.

Juul Assembling

Why is my Juul Not Hitting, But it’s Charged?

If your Juul battery is charged but still not generating vapor while inhaling, it means your pod is defective or your Juul needs a cleaning. Follow the above methods to clean the metal contacts of Juul.

Why is my Juul Not Working, No Light?

If your Juul is not working and the light is not glowing, it means either your battery is not charged, metal contacts are dirty, the circuit board has moisture, or the wire is broken inside the case.

You can disassemble your Juul and inspect everything carefully. Fix if any wire is broken or dust is around the metal contacts.

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Why is My Brand New Juul Not Working?

Generally, a brand-new Juul doesn’t work if the battery isn’t charged or the pod is defective. Simply connect your Juul with the charger and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

If the light turns green, it means your battery is fully charged, and now you can hit it.

Why My Brand New Juul Not Recognizing Pod?

Remove Juul Pod

If your brand new Juul does not recognize the pod, it means either your pod is defective, or Juul is faulty.

Also, ensure that you plug your Juul into the charger for at least 30 minutes. If it still doesn’t detect, replace it.

Why is My Juul Not Producing Enough Vapor?

Juul is a powerful e-cigarette that produces massive vapor. But, if your Juul is not producing enough vapor, it means the battery is low, and the coil is not getting sufficient power to vaporize more juice.

Charge your Juul until the light turns green, and then take a drag. If it still doesn’t produce enough vapor, clean the contacts and replace the pod.


There can be several reasons your Juul is not hitting and not producing massive clouds. Still, you can easily fix most of them by following the troubleshooting methods given in this article. If nothing works, the last option is to replace your Juul.

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