Why Does My Vape Taste Like Metal?【5 Causes and Fixes】

If you’ve ever vaped on a new coil and noticed that it tastes like metal, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

I was in the same situation last week because I had replaced my vape coil. A vape will taste metallic if you’ve replaced your coil but forgot to prime it.

Other reasons like incorrect power settings, dirty vape tank, low-quality vape juice, etc., also make your vape cloud taste like metal.

If you’re unsatisfied with vape flavors, you can do a few things to fix the issue. If the coil hasn’t been primed properly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for priming your coil.

If the wick isn’t fully saturated, give your vape more time to absorb the e-juice.

Why Does Your Vape Tastes Like Metallic?

Vape Taste Like Metal

If you’re using a new coil, your vape tastes like metal, likely because the coil wasn’t primed properly, and the wicking material is not absorbed in the vape juice.

To avoid this, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to prime your coil. This usually involves saturating the wick with e-juice before vaping.

If you’re not using a new coil, the problem may be that the wick isn’t fully saturated.

This can happen if you vape too much without taking a break to let the wick absorb more juice.

To fix this, try taking a few puffs of your vape and then setting it down for a minute or two.

This will give the wick time to absorb more juice and hopefully eliminate the metallic taste.

If you’re still having trouble, you can try increasing the power wattage of your device. This will create more heat and help the juice absorb more quickly by the wick.

There are many other reasons why your vape tastes like metal. Let’s have a look at them and find easy solutions to fix:

Reason #1- Your Vape’s Wick Isn’t Absorbing Juice

If your vape tastes like metal, it could be because the wick isn’t absorbing juice properly. This can happen if the wick is too dry or you’re not using the right type of juice.

To fix this, try soaking the wick in e-juice for a few minutes before vaping. This will fix the dry burn.

Reason #2- Your Vape Has Lost its Zest

Another common reason for a metal taste is that your vape has lost its flavor. This can happen over time as the coils become dirty and gunked up.

Try cleaning your coils with a cotton swab and vodka to fix this. This will remove the build-up of gunk and restore the coil’s ability to produce flavor.

If you’re still having trouble, you can try replacing the coil. This is usually the best option if the coil is old or damaged.

Reason #3- Your Vape Coil is Burnt

If your vape coil is burnt, it will produce a metallic taste when you vape. This is because the coil is damaged and can no longer produce flavor.

To fix this, you need to replace the vape coil. Don’t forget to prime the new coil before taking hits.

Reason #4- High Power Wattage

All vape juices are not made for high-wattage vaping. Some vape juices will start to taste like metal when you vape at high wattages.

To avoid this, check the recommended wattage on your vape juice bottle. Set your power output at this wattage or lower to prevent the metallic taste.

Reason #5- Clean Your Vape Coil

If you don’t clean your vape coil regularly, it will eventually produce a metal taste. This is because the coil becomes covered in gunk and dirt, which affects its ability to produce flavor.

To clean your coil, disassemble your mouthpiece and soak the vape coil in vodka for a few minutes. Then, use a cotton swab to remove any build-up of gunk.

Why My Vape Tastes Burnt?

If you’re new to vaping, you might be wondering why your vape tastes burnt or slightly metallic. It generally happens when you have replaced your vape coil but forgot to prime it.

To prime your new coil, simply pour a few drops of e-liquid into the vape coil before taking your first hit.

Try adjusting your wattage settings if you’re still getting a burnt taste. Too high a temperature might also cause a burning sensation.

Why Is My Vape Spitting Juice?

If your vape spits juice, it indicates that your e-liquid is not fully vaporized. This usually happens when your vape tank is overfilled with e-juice.

Also, if your vape battery is low, then it won’t vaporize your e-juice, and you’ll face spitting problems.

To fix this, you can fill the vape tank below the maximum limit and recharge your vape batteries. You can also increase the power wattage to fix the issue.


If your vape tastes metallic, it could be for several reasons. However, there are easy solutions to fix each problem.

Make sure to prime your new coil properly, soak the wick in e-juice, and clean your coils regularly to avoid a metal taste.

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